Atria is to give a solution for young adults by living in a shared house within a city so that is affordable, sustainable, and creating a moment of unity.
Site Location
The climate of Los Angeles is a year-round mild-to-hot and mostly dry climate for the LA metropolitan area in California. The climate is classified as a Mediterranean climate, which is a type of dry subtropical climate. It is characterised by seasonal changes in rainfall—with a dry summer and a winter rainy season.
Concept Statement:
We create a sustainable and equitable space where we share ideas, experiences, and life. Through a power interconnectedness, we give something back to nature in a spirit of gratitude, it is the symbiotic way for both nature and humans.
ENV: partially passive/ self-sustaining house in the crowded downtown area.
SOC: minimal impact of living
ECO: affordable housing by co-living
Garden Design
System of Sustainability
Rendered Images - Lounge, Units, Garden, Rooftop
Material Concept

Materials for Units

Concept Video

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