Grad Show Exhibition: We were required to design and build their Grad Show Exhibition according to our own group-
determined budget. We worked as a team in order to define the overall design direction and exhibit as a whole. A system of organization and planning will be determined. Within this system, each student was responsible for defining their individual content that fits cohesively into the larger context of the group show. Students will, collectively, create an overall concept that drives the design using:

- Scale, proportion and flow of the exhibit space
- Budget, sourcing and scheduling
- Materiality and fabrication details
- Signage communicating both each student’s presence as well as a departmental statement
- Graphics with a consistent visual and informational system
- Lighting
- Planning of electrical needs
- Display for 3D objects, 2D content and video/motion graphics
- Process visuals

First sketch: at the very beginning of the design, we considered about our budget, and we came out with re-using materials around us.

Grad Show Fall 2022 - Spatial Experience Design Exhibition

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